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The battle of Morat 1476

On June 22nd of 1476, near the small city of Morat in modern day Switzerland (Murten in German), then a Savoyard city captured the year before by its two neighbouring cities of Berne and Fribourg, the decisive battle of the Burgundian Wars between Charles the Bold (1433-1477), the fourth and last Valois duke of Burgundy, and the Old Swiss Confederacy and its southern German allies.

My article Charles the Bold’s English Archers at the battle of Murten, 1476 was published in the magazine Medieval Warfare (volume 1, issue 4, pp. 43-48). The English at the battle were not commanded by the Duke of Somerset, whose posthumous involvement is narrated in my short article The Mystery of the dead duke's charge.


A slight miscommunication has introduced an error into the campaign map. Here is the corrected 1476 Morat campaign map.

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The Swiss main host approaches the cleared green hedge.